Superlattice tiling description of ordering in Ni-Mo and Al-Ti based FCC alloys.

This work pertains to the evolutionary stages of ordering in Ni-Mo alloys and offstoichiometric AlTi inter-metallics over certain ranges of composition. The ordering transitions in these systems have been followed by means of Transmission Electron Microscopy (TEM). Structural models based on a superlattice tiling scheme have been proposed for the Short Range Ordered (SRO) states and some of the Long Range Ordered (LRO) phases in these alloys. Use of the method of projection from higher dimensional lattices to bring out the structural relationship between various quasiperiodic structures, on the one hand, and their periodic approximants, on the other, and to model the nature of the continuous transformations from the periodic to the quasiperiodic structures forms an important aspect of this work. An attempt has been made to explain some of the observed experimental results in the framework of this scheme. Application of the projection formalism to superlattice structures lead t,o a concept known as the quasiperiodic superlattice (QPSL) which represents a new class of structures. More Info

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