Supercritical fluid extraction of fragrances from jasmine flowers

The uniqueness of jasmine floral fragrance in the perfumery industry and, inadequacy of the existing processes to produce high quality extracts, have been the impetus for the present study on supercritical (SC) fluid extraction of fragrances from jasmine flowers using C02 as the solvent. With a view to deciding the range of operating conditions for fragrance extraction and to understand the underlying phase behavior, a thermodynamic model utilizing the concept of solvent clustering in the vicinity of solute has been developed in an attempt to predict the solubility of jasmine constituents in SC C02 .The model considers dilute SC solution to comprise clusters of solvent molecules around solute molecules as a species interacting with the residual free solvent. The asymmetry between the interacting species is considerably reduced by properly describing the cluster characteristics. The solvent population has been regressed for 32 solids constituting 101 isotherms from the solubility data in pure C02 reported in the literature. More Info

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