Study of workplace innovativeness in manufacturing.

This study was motivated by the importance of understanding workplace innovativeness and the paucity of literature in studying innovativeness of groups within manufacturing organisations. This research includes both case studies as well as an empirical study. Case studies of innovations in the workplace helped uncover a hierarchic process by which innovations in the workplace are implemented. Several insights regarding the characteristics of innovations in the workplace were also obtained from the case studies. A conceptual framework for the empirical study was formulated, in which a number of structural, technological and workplace characteristics were considered as determinants of innovativeness. The empirical study also includes two more variables namely: customer proximity and contribution, which were suggested by the case studies. An ex-post-facto cross-sectional study design was adopted. The sample for the empirical study was 29 workplaces within one plant that engages over 900 employees. All variables examined are characteristics of the workplace. More Info

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