Study of Transport, Magnetic and Thermal Properties of Managements and Vanadates

The bilayer manganite $LaSr_2Mn_2O_7$ is particularly unique exhibiting a charge ordering (CO) transition $T_CO$ around 220K, antiferromagnetic ordering transition $T_N$ around 170K, ferromagnetic fluctuations above $T_CO$, a metal-insulator transition $T_MI$ around 150K and further insulating behavior below 80K. We have systematically investigated the change in the structural, magnetic, electrical and thermal properties by disorder produced at La and Mn sites in $LaSr_2Mn_2O_7$. By substituting Cu, Cr for Mn and Pr for La, the substitution effects on the crystallographic deformation, magneto-transport behavior and electrical properties in these compounds have been studied. Our observations show that the effects of chemical substitution are qualitatively different between the perovskite and bi-layer manganites. In addition the one dimensional magnetism in $beta$ - $Cu_1-xZn_xV_2O_7$ was also studied. The crystal structure remains the same i. e. I4/mmm by both Cr and Cu substitutions. More Info

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