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Study of titanium indiffused lithium niobate integrated optic devices

Integrated optics concerns the realisation of miniature optical circuits, and is one of the frontier areas of current technology. In this thesis, various aspects on realisation of titanium indiffused lithium niobate integrated optic devices are described. The studies are focussed on channel waveguide, 2x2 directional coupler and 2x2 switch, which are the basic building blocks for future wideband switching networks. The study has covered the following aspects of these devices. #Design -Single mode waveguides, directional couplers and switches #Fabrication-Standardisation of related processes- photolithography, precise chemical etching, lift off and precision edge polishing #Characterisation -Propagation loss, Insertion loss, Mode field size measurement, Coupling coefficient, Cross talk and Switching response #Pigtailing and packaging- Fabrication of Silicon V -grooves, Fiber array attachment to channel array and housing Chapter 1 of the thesis describes the important properties of lithium niobate as a better choice of substrate. More Info

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