Study of thin N2O gate oxides for MOS devices.

Highly reliable thin oxynitride layers of the order of 100 ? were grown on silicon wafers in N2O ambient using RTP .The growth kinetics data were generated for dry 02 and N2O dielectrics for varying temperatures and times. After understanding the growth kinetics data, the process parameters were optimised to grow about 100 ? of oxynitride layers reliably and reproducibly. The as-grown oxynitride layers were characterized for thickness uniformity, etch characteristics, and breakdown field. Specific emphasis was given to long term reliability issues. Hence, the performance of the evaluated under high-field stressing using constant current injection in accumulation. We found that pure N20 and split N20 oxynitrides have excellent electrical. characteristics and thus are eminently suitable for submicron CMOS devices as gate dielectrics. We also fabricated n-and p-channel transistors and found that the performance of the devices is very good. The oxynitride gate devices have not indicated any degradation compared to dry O2 gate devices, even though there is a marginal reduction in mobility More Info

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