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Study of Supply Chain Relationships in Indian Manufacturing Firms: A Governance Perspective

Study of Supply Chain Relationships in Indian Manufacturing Firms:A Governance Perspective Supply chain management has progressed from an era of inter functional to inter organizational integration and coordination. Today, supply chain management is increasingly referred to as management of relationships in supply chains. The competitive pressure on the firms is intensifying and the level of competition has grown from firm vs. firm to supply chain vs. supply chain. In this era of collaborative competition; wherein managing business relationships across the firm boundaries is important, the issues of governance have become very critical. In such an environment, many issues related to the management of supply chain (SC) and inter-organizational governance need to be answered as existing literature cannot provide satisfactory prescriptive explanations. This warrants for an epistemological exercise that reexamines the supply chain relationships from different perspectives. This study examines literature related to the supply chain management from a governance perspective. More Info

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