Study of static and dynamic properties of some thin film magnetic garnets.

Magnetic garnet films have been excellent material candidates for numerous device applications. Magnetic bubble memory and more recently the ultrahigh density Vertical Bloch Line (VEL) memory have revolutionised the field of information storage. Choice of suitable compositions and optimising the material properties necessitate detailed study of their magnetic properties both, dynamic and static. Wall structure studies in various magnetic fields, damping and spin relaxation studies have been carried out in LPE grown EiGa and EuGaGe doped Yttrium ir~garnet films. The rotating gradient field experiment has been used to determine accurately the wall structure, the wall breakdown velocity and the bubble wall mobility. Results of these experiments indicate complex structure formation in the bubble wall when it is translated at velocities equal to the wall breakdown velocity. Such structures affect the mobility of the bubble. Recent advances in optical observation of Bloch walls and VELs have been used to study the response of VEL in different configurations of the magnetic fields. More Info

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