Study of some asymmetries due to higher order electromagnetic and weak interactions.

The thesis deals with the analysis and estimation of angular asymmetries in hadron distributions due to weak and higher-order electromagnetic effects in reactions of the type ee- ? two or three hadrons and some related process, especially near certain hadron resonances. The asymmetry in the distribution of the pions, arising from the interference of the one-photon and two-photon terms for the reaction ee- ? ?+?- ,is analysed first. Concentrating on the region of the even charge-conjugation resonance f(1270), the absorptive part of the two-photon amplitude is found, with the final-state interaction in the J = 2 channel incorporated using dispersion relations. The dispersive part is calculated in the soft-photon approximation with the final-state interaction taken care of in a way similar to that for the absorptive part. In the region of the f resonance, the asymmetry is found to be enhanced to about +20 %, but is found to have a zero a little below the resonance. More Info

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