Study of return on equity shares in India during 1953 to 1987.

This dissertation attempts to estimate and analyse the rates of return on equity shares in India during the period 1953 to 1987. It seeks to estimate the rates of return on equity shares on the aggregate market, on equity shares of 32 industries, and on equity shares listed on 5 stock exchanges. Based on the above estimates, this study examines the relationship between inflation and equity returns in India. To study the relationship between risk and return in financial markets of India, this study attempts to estimate return on investment in 9 financial and physical assets and examines the relationship. Various statistical measures, graphs and regression models are employed for the analysis. The study, after estimating and analysing the rates of return on equities, finds that return on the aggregate market was commensurate with the risk; it was highly variable over one-year periods; variability decreased as the length of the holding period was increased. More Info

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