Study of reoxidized nitrided oxide MOS devices for radiation-hard applications.

Reoxidized nitrided oxide (RHO) was studied as an alternative gate insulator to silicon-dioxide for total-dose radiation-hard applications. Optimization of the RNO fabrication process with regard to radiation performance, study of oxide electron and hole traps, study of bulk oxide electron trap generation upon irradiation, development of a 5 micro-m RNO-based NMOS technology, study of the radiation performance of RNO transistors, and modelling their radiation performance are the highlights of this study. We found that a relatively heavier nitridation followed by medium reoxidation gives better radiation hardness. Post-reoxidation annealing in nitrogen does not affect the radiation hardness significantly though it reduces fixed oxide charge. A qualitative model has been presented to explain these results. A series of detrapping experiments following irradiation of MOS capacitors shows that the location and energy levels of the hole traps in RNO are different from those normally found in conventional oxides. More Info

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