Study on the preparation properties and applications of a polysulfone.

Aromatic polysulfones have come to occupy a very distinguished position among high-performance engineering thermoplastics. The non-availability of polysulfone indigenously has been a discouraging factor to the development of application technologies for this extremely useful speciality polymer in this country. This study was aimed at establishing some basis for the development of indigenous processes for the production and application of an aromatic polysulfone. The polysulfone was prepared by the poly condensation of the disodium salt of bisphenol A and 4,4-di-chlorodiphenylsulfone. It was found that to obtain high molecular weight, the polymerization had to be carried out for 3 h at 155ºC in anhydrous dimethyl sulfoxide at equimolar ratio of the reactants with a total reactant concentration of 2.1mol L-1. The purity of bisphenol A was found to be extremely critical obtaining high molecular weight. Decreased molecular weight found to affect the glass transition temperature and the melting point of polysulfone significantly. More Info

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