Study of neutron radiation effects on MOS structures

We have studied charge trapping in the oxide and generation of interface states due to neutrons. Neutron irradiations were carried out in a swimming pool type of reactor. Energy spectrum at the irradiation position includes thermal neutrons, fast neutrons and accompanying gamma radiation. These three components are referred to as composite neutrons. Therefore, in order to assess the damage due to neutrons alone, the effect of gamma rays accompanying neutron radiation was separately accounted for by measuring its intensity of at the irradiation position. Some MOS samples were subjected to composite neutron radiation while other samples from the same batch were exposed to equivalent accompanying gamma radiation using Co60 gamma source. The difference in the observed damage was used to characterize the damage caused by the neutrons. One of the important features of this work is that neutron irradiation was carried out in a nuclear reactor itself in contrast to the earlier reported work which used separate neutron sources. More Info

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