Study of Nanocrystalline Magnetic Thin Films

Copper ferrite thin films are deposited at a lower rf power of 50W. Earlier workers have studied the copper ferrite thin films deposited at a rf power of 200W. The objective of carrying out the lower power deposition is to study the effect of rf power on the structural and magnetic properties of the copper ferrite thin films. The motivation behind this work is the rf power dependent studies on the strontium (Sr) ferrite thin films, where the lower power deposited films are found to be (00l) oriented. The magnetic properties for the oriented Sr-ferrite thin films are different than the non oriented films. In the present work, the copper ferrite films are deposited on fused quartz substrates at ambient temperature, neither heating nor cooling of the substrate is carried out during sputter deposition. The films are deposited in three different conditions of atmosphere related to the oxygen percent (pressure) in argon (R). The values of R are maintained as 0 percent, 16 percent and 100 percent. The room temperature deposited films are referred as the as-deposited (Asd) films. More Info

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