Study of laminar burning velocity using methane-air and methanol-air mixtures with or without a diluent in a constant volume bomb.

Laminar burning velocity of combustible mixtures, and its dependence on other intensive properties, is of considerable interest in combustion research. Of the experimental techniques which have been employed to determine this property, the spherical constant volume bomb technique appears to be one of the most promising method for measurements of burning velocity and the study of the effects of various parameters. However, since burning velocity can not be measured directly, equations for calculating this property must be derived. The equations used by several investigators for calculating this property been collated and compared. A modified form of Rallis and equation is proposed which uses the p-t record alone and yields the values of laminar burning velocity comparable to those determined by other investigators. For computation of the thermodynamically calculated peak pressure and temperature in the presence of a diluent following constant volume combustion, a computer programme in C-H-O-N system has been developed for the present study. More Info

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Tue, 28/09/2010 - 18:42