Study on heavy metal distribution in water and sediments of Brahmani river, Orissa.

The study deals with the heavy metals in water and sediments of Brahmani river and one of its tributaries, Nandira, in Orissa. Brahmani is a major receptacle of various anthropogenic pollutants released as industrial effluents from Rourkela and Talcher-Angul belts as well as from mines at Sukinda and Talcher, besides lithogenic load generated by weathering of the rocks prevailed in the basin. In order to asses the level of contamination and to know the processes and mechanisms of dispersion pattern of Mn, Cd, Co, Cr, Cu, Pb, Ni, V and Zn, waters and sediments were sampled during three different seasons along the river and were analysed. Dissolved Mn, V, Zn , Cd, Ni and Pb are found to be enriched with respect to global as well as local background. The dissolved metals of Nandira are strikingly higher in concentration. Dilution and precipitation of dissolved metals cause a lowering of concentration in downstream stations. Quartz and felspar are the dominant constituents in geogenic fraction of sediments whereas mullite, sillimanite and hematite are abundant as anthropogenic particles More Info

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