Study of heat transfer in electroslag refining.

Electroslag remelting (ESR) involves progressive melting of the metal in a molten slag bath and its simultaneous directional solidification in a water cooled metallic mould. The shape of the molten metal pool has a significant influence on the grain structure of the ingot. Magnitude and distribution of heat flux have a large bearing on the solidification pattern during ESR. It is observed from the review of literature that large differences exist between measured heat flux values as well as pattern of variation of heat flux along the length of the mould. Quantitative studies of heat flow in ESR have been few because of the complexity of measurement. Therefore, the present study was undertaken to measure the heat flux values from the slag and metal to the mould under different operating conditions. Mould wall temperatures were measured to substantiate the heat flux profiles. In addition, the liquid metal pool profile and the rate of rise of the slag/air interface were also determined. More Info

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