Study of correlations in narrow band materials.

This thesis is concerned with the problem of electronic correlation in transition metals and their compounds. We have given a brief introduction of our objectives in Chapter 1. In Chapter 2 we have discussed the role of electronic correlation in electron gas and in real materials especially transition elements. In connection with this we have discussed the Hubbard model which is a simple attempt to study the role of electronic correlation in the metal insulator transition and magnetism. In Chapter 3 we have discussed the method of double time Green function and the approximate solution of the Hubbard model employing this method. We have also given a brief discussion of the connection between the Hubbard problem and the problem of binary alloy. In Chapter 4 we have discussed in detail our work in regard to possible antiferromagnetic solution of the Hubbard model in the Hubbard’s first, the scattering correction find the resonance broadening approximation. More Info

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