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Study of the Briggs-Rauscher reaction

The thesis deals with the Briggs-Rauscher oscillatory reaction. The system comprises potassiumiodate, sulfuric acid, malonic acid, manganous sulfate and hydrogen peroxide, when these components are present in appropriate proportion in an aqueous solution, the concentration of various species such as iodine; iodide and even the rate of temperature increase show an oscillatory behaviour. The thesis comprises seven chapters. Chapter I gives a brief introduction to oscillatory phenomena observed in biological and chemical systems, which may perhaps have a common ally of approach. Chapter II surveys the literature on the theory of oscillatory phenomena, and the two oscillatory chemical reactions, viz., Belousov-Zhabotinokii reaction and the Bray-Libhafsky reaction. The scope of the present study is described. The potentiometric, spectrophotometric, calorimetric and other experimental techniques used in following the BR reaction and its subsystems are described in Chapter III. Chapters IV and V constitute Part I of the thesis dealing with various subsystems of the BR-oscillatory reaction More Info

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