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Study of benards problems in the presence of surface deflection and surface viscosity.

In this thesis, the effect of mean surface tension and surface viscosity on the onset of connection in fluid layers heated from below is studied. The first chapter is devoted to a survey of the literature relevant to the subject and a summary of the work reported the subsequent chapters. In chapter-2, the effect of surface deformation and surface viscosity on the onset of steady cellular convection in horizontal fluid layers heated from below, when both the surface tension and buoyancy are operative, is re-ported. The lower surface of the fluid layer is assumed to be rigid and the upper surface free. The critical Rayleigh number as well as the Marangoni number is estimated numerically for several cases. It has been found that the effect of surface viscosity is to make the free surface behave almost like a rigid plane. Even then the buoyancy force is dominant , there exists no critical RayLeigh number for large values of the crispation group. More Info

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