Study of the behaviour of flake-graphite cast irosed to repeated thermal shocks.

Thermal shock resistance is not a single, simple and basic property of a flake graphite cast iron but is a complex phenomenon, which depends on interaction between its several properties, thermal cycle conditions and component geometry. Lack of sufficient and reliable data on thermal fatigue resistance has given a contradictory and inconsistent picture of thermal fatigue life of flake graphite iron. As such selection of a particular flake graphite iron for thermal fatigue application is still a matter of trial and error. The present investigation is aimed to clarify the complex phenomenon of thermal fatigue in flake graphite iron. Chapter 1 explains the necessity of investigating thermal fatigue phenomenon and outlines the scope of present study. Chapter 2 reviews some industrial applications where thermal cracking failure is a common problem. The chapter also discusses thermal fatigue tests reported to study such failure. More Info

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