As it is well known, power consumption due to compressed air is the main disadvantage of

Air  jet  loom  when  compared  to  rapier  and  projectile  looms.  This  is  making  air  jet  less

preferable  where  energy  cost  is  the  problem,  despite  their  high  production  speeds.  Studies

which  have  been  taken  to  reduce  them,  included  manufacturing  of  different  parts  i.e.

researches have been taken place on the manufacturing levels. But, we decided to reduce the

consumption  of  air  which  may  be  due  to  some  wrong  settings,  ignorance,  etc.  without  any

investment which can give profits to the mill by reducing the consumption of air. A decrease

of air consumption by 18% was accomplished in a weaving mill by just changing the process

parameters consisting mainly the blowing time of nozzles. By improving work practices i.e.

by implementing KAIZEN we could save the compressed air.

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Thu, 21/04/2011 - 01:46