Study on the adaptability of cylindrical shell structures as bridge decks

In recent years shell structures have found wide application in various fields like foundations, floorings, retaining walls, water tanks, marine structures, aircraft components etc. , apart from roofing large unobstructed areas. Compared to any flat counterparts, shells not only enjoys aesthetic and architectural beauty in form, but also are structurally superior. The construction of innovative forms in shells have been made possible with the use of concrete as one of the most commonly used construction material. Such innovative and ingenious applications of shell forms in various fields, leads to the possibility of their application in bridge decks as well. Though, from time to time architects and designers have suggested shell bridges to be constructed as an alternative to the conventional decks, their possibilities had been realised to a very limited extent. This provides an opportunity to carry out an extensive study in this direction. The present study on the adaptability of cylindrical sells as bridge decks has been carried out in different phases. More Info

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