Stress, free vibration and failure analyses of composite laminates by mixed finite element method

Delamination has been a problem of significant concern in a proper analysis and design of advanced fibre reinforced composite laminates. Separation of composite laminae can result in reduction of stiffness and loss of structural integrity leading to structural and functional failure. Theoretical and experimental investigations have shown that the initiation of delamination at the geometrical boundaries such as free-edges, cutouts etc. is the result of high interlaminar stresses those generate at the lamina interfaces. An accurate assessment of the interlaminar stresses, therefore, is an important prerequisite for clear understanding of the phenomenon of delamination. Presence of the interlaminar stresses in the free-edge regions of composite laminates often results in a complex three-dimensional stress field with steep gradients caused by the inherent anisotropy and mismatches of material properties. Hence, refined theories would be required to accurately evaluate these stresses at such locations. More Info

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