Leaf spring is one of the main components and it provides a good suspension. It plays a vital role in automobile application. It withstands lateral loads, brake torque, driving torque in addition to shock loading. The present invention relates to motor vehicle rear wheel suspension systems It is a mono leaf spring assembly that is interchangeable and made of composite material to manage various property requirements. Even though there are many different types of rear suspension systems available for use in motor vehicles, the conventional leaf spring is most widely used.   As the vehicle travels, tremendous forces mostly in terms of fatigue load can be applied to the leaf spring assembly, particularly at its connection point with the rear axle. In rear-wheel drive vehicles, during acceleration the leaf spring is subject to twisting forces which are opposite in direction and magnitude to the acceleration of the drive wheels. Due to this repeated twisting and untwisting, bending moment is produced at the middle of the leaf spring. The forces does not affect the neutral axis but the portion below the neutral axis if affected by compressing load and above the neutral axis is affected by tension load. Other suspensions can be used which provide sufficient strength under such conditions. However, these systems suffer disadvantages in that they are often complicated, expensive or add a significant amount of weight to the vehicle. Multi leaf spring provides additional strength, but lack of flexibility and increase the overall weight of the vehicle.  Accordingly, there is a need for a leaf spring assembly which provides high-strength to weight ratio while being simple in design and low cost. What is also needed is a leaf spring assembly which is readily interchangeable to alter the suspension qualities of the assembly. The present invention fulfills the need of enhancing the fatigue behaviour along with weight reduction by adding carbon fibers of to glass fiber in polymer matrix[8]. This process is called hybridization.

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