Rotary kiln Support Roller and Shaft are located under the Kiln,which is contact with kiln ring at.In recent years there are many roller shaft failures occur due to continous loading conditions.Shaft is affected by high stresses with respect to kiln load on Roller and this can be avoided by proper design and remidial measures of the roller and shaft before manufacturing. The analysis of roller and Shaft model has been done by using Finite Element Method. The loading position is varied according to kiln ring and the support roller for the actual working condition. This analysis was made by using approximate 28000 nodes and 15000elements,but the number of nodes and elements must be increased in order to get more exact results on the especially stacked stress zone. The geometric parameters of the shaft and roller are to be  designed and analysis has to be carried out by analytical and finite element analysis method.

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Tue, 19/04/2011 - 21:21