stir welding

Friction Stir welding (FSW) process is an emerging solid
state joining process which offers several advantages over other
fusion welding processes. There are a large number of Friction Stir
welding process parameters such as tool rotational speed, welding
speed, tool axial force, side clamping force, tool plunge depth, tool
tilt angle, tool geometry, pilot hole & tool parking, tool cooling etc.,
The quality of the weld is mainly based on these FSW parameters.
To produce the desired strength weld (i.e., defect free weld with
good mechanical properties), it is necessary to select and control the
important friction stir welding process parameters. In order to
achieve this, an attempt has been made to identify the major
controllable parameters among these FSW parameters through the
exhaustive study on various research papers. After selecting the
important FSW parameters, much of the forthcoming work will be
focused on Modeling of friction stir welding process and Optimising
the major FSW process parameters for defect free welds.

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Wed, 13/04/2011 - 09:46