Steganography using dwt and biometrics

Steganography is the art of hiding the existence of data in another transmission medium to achieve secret communication. Steganography method used in this is based on biometrics. And the biometric feature used to implement Steganography is skin tone region of images .Here secret data is embedded within skin region of image that will provide an excellent secure location for data hiding. For this skin tone detection is performed using HSV (Hue, Saturation and Value) color space.

Additionally secret data embedding is performed using frequency domain approach - DWT (Discrete Wavelet Transform), DWT outperforms than DCT (Discrete Cosine Transform). Secret data is hidden in one of the high frequency sub-band of DWT by tracing skin pixels in that sub-band. For data hiding two cases are considered, first is with cropping and other is without cropping. In both the cases different steps of data hiding are applied either by cropping an image interactively or without cropping i.e. on whole image. Both cases are compared and analyzed from different aspects. This is concluded that both cases offer enough security. Main feature of with cropping case is that this results into an enhanced security because cropped region works as a key at decoding side. Where as without cropping case uses embedding algorithm that preserves histogram of DWT coefficient after data embedding also by preventing histogram based attacks and leading to a more security. This study shows that by adopting an object oriented steganography mechanism, in the sense that, we track skin tone objects in image, we get a higher security. And simulation result shows that satisfactory PSNR(Peak-Signal-to-Noise Ratio) is also obtained.

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Tue, 29/03/2011 - 17:10