The main aim of the Stash Oversight Structure is to maintain the equipment details for representatives of the company and display the equipment reports in the web sites, and there by tracking the flow of the business to the vendors, independent of the location.

This module deals with the maintenance of equipments of the company through an automated algorithm. The equipments should also be monitored for faults, upgrades, performances etc. The system follows a tree structure to classify the types of equipment used in a plant. The specifications, meters, measurement points, can be entered in a separate event. All equipment that belongs to this equipment type inherits these attributes by default. The location of equipments in a facility can be entered in to the system in hierarchical / tree structure. In addition, equipments are linked to its own record. The user can drill down / expand the hierarchical structure, identify particular equipments, and then access the relevant record of the equipments. Specific equipment is identified with either a manufacturer given serial no given in name plate or a user specified number. Equipments have an equipment ID in the system. It inherits the data from the type of equipment it belongs to. Using these steps the performance, faults should be tracked, for a machine.

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