Speech is one of the natural and common forms of communication. Recent development has made it possible to use this in the security system. The project deals with the use of a speech sample to select the identity of the person that produced the speech from, among a population of speakers. This technique makes it possible to use the speaker’s voice to verify their identity and control access to services such as voice dialling, banking by telephone, telephone shopping, database access services, information services, voice mail, security control for confidential information areas, and remote access to computers.
In the past many years reducing the work on navigation has been on research, such as auto pilot and GPS navigation. Since it is speaker based navigation, taking control over the driver is ruled out. Controls are only taken from driver whose voice is stored in the database. Here the user can either use the speech from the PC or can use the GSM where the user can send SMS from the cell and control the devices. In that case the user needs to use the switch. When the switch is turned ON the Matlab will work and when it’s off, the GSM will work.
The project also proposes a feed back where in a SMS is sent to interact with the micro-controller. After performing the assigned task, it will send back a SMS to the user. In the same way, when the speech command is sent, the micro controller will perform the task and send the message which will be displayed on the PC.

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Wed, 14/08/2013 - 00:17