Some studies on recycled aggregate concrete made from recycled coarse aggregate and recycled fine aggregate.

Concept of recycling the waste material and using it again in some form or the other is the need of the day. The present investigation aims at (a) establishing all the physical and mechanical properties of recycled coarse aggregate and recycled fine aggregate on rational scientific basis, (b) studying the behaviour of recycled fine for cementing value (c) to find whether conventional mix design method are suitable for recycled aggregate and (d) observing the effect of admixtures on recycled aggregate concrete. Experimental programme has been planned. Laboratory controlled specimens have been used as source concrete to cover the regularly utilized range of concrete in actual use at sites. Also, specimens of different age, different grade from various sites in Mumbai have been used as source concretes for generating recycled coarse and fine aggregate. Performance of recycled aggregate concrete in terms of its short term and long term properties has been examined. More Info

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