Some studies on recycled aggregate concrete.

The present investigation essentially aims at a) establishing all the physical and mechanical properties of recycled aggregate on rational scientific basis, and (b) to evolve a suitable mix design method based on typical characteristics of recycled aggregate exclusively for recycled aggregate concrete. To attain the above said objectives, extensive experimental programme have been planned. Laboratory controlled concretes of five different grades in the form of specimens of different age and about 10-year old reinforced concrete in the form of RC beams and slabs have been used as source concretes for generating graded recycled aggregate of 20 mm maximum size. Variety of aggregates, as stated above, have been tested for their all physical and mechanical properties. Reduction in specific gravity accompanied by sharp increase in water absorption due to the presence of adhered cement mortar with the aggregate particles are notable observations. More Info

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Tue, 28/09/2010 - 18:42