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solar cooler


It is a solar cooler that consists of two tubes with one inside the other.


It uses solar heat and evaporation to create natural biological cooling. The principle is similar to how perspiration cools our bodies.

The inner tube is made of metal and is the receptacle used to store perishables. It also keeps the contents dry.

The outer tube is made of any sturdy material such as wood, plastic, bamboo, ceramic or clay and has holes in it.

best coolerThe inner tube is fitted inside the outer tube with a gap between them which is filled with sand, wool, soil or any material that will absorb water.

Solar energy (sunshine) heats the tube causing the water to evaporate from the gap material. This evaporation removes heat from the inner tube lowering the temperature inside to about 6ºC (42ºF).

Renewing the gap material with water keeps the cooler operating.

It doesn't use electricity, solar photovoltaics, or batteries


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