roject “Smart Traffic Lights” is used to overcome the drawbacks that are present in present traffic scenario such as increasing rate of accidents, immense wastage of precious fuel and increasing levels of pollution. It has been witnessed that in busy roads, traffic on one side of the road remains heavy while slow on the other side. This project can also reduce the wastage of fuel.


Design Approach for Smart Traffic Lights


            This project uses IR transmitters, receivers and counters which will be the useful mean to control traffic. Transmission and reception of IR signals will enable “automatic display” which will remind the driver to turn off the vehicle at the red light signals.


            There will be a transmitter – receiver placed on both sides of the road. This transmitter continuously keeps transmitting IR pulse would either reach the receiver or shall be blocked by the vehicle if it is in-between. Based on this there shall be an increment in green light timings of the traffic light. Hence, by this, the basic motive of keeping the traffic even by the adjustment of green light timings is achieved.


            Next module aims at the pollution control and fuel conservation, the two major concerns which immediately require human attention. Whenever a vehicle comes and stops at the red light signal, the driver gets an audio – visual alarm to turn off the engine. This help in saving fuel and reduce pollution.


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