Smart composite  are replacing day by day

the conventional metallic materials due to their light weight,  high strength, design flexibility

and long life.

 A  composite  material  is  composed  of  two  or  more  simpler  materials  to  produce  a

material with enhanced or modified properties.  Two inherently different materials are mixed

to  form  a  new  material  called  composite  material  which  is    different  to  both  but  better  in


     Smart  Composites  are  classified  as,  Fibre-Reinforced  Polymer(FRP)  composites,  Shape

Memory     Alloy(SMA)     Composites,      Man-made     tailored     composites,      Laminated

composites,3D woven composites and Ceramic-matrix composites.

     The  smart  composites  manufacturing  is  contains    following  process  say  Hand  lay  Resin

formulation,  Prepregging,  filament  winding,  Hand  lay-up,  Automated  tape  lay-up,  Resin

transfer  molding,  Pultrusion,  injection  molding,  Vacuum  bagging  &  Autoclave  curing,

machining finishing.

     The  applications  of  smart  composites  are  in  Aerospace  sectors,  Automotive  sectors,

Sports& and recreational sectors, Civil infrastructure, Highways, Biomedical implants. These

are discussed in this papers.

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