A SINGLE-ELECTRON 8 to 4 Encoder


 Single Electron Tunneling (SET) technology introduces more potential for feature size reduction compared with silicon based CMOS technology. The SET technology offers the ability to control the motion of individual electrons in the designed circuits. . Normally the single-electron devices having tunnel junctions, islands and also capacitance. By using only five tunnel junctions and two capacitance and four islands for designing this single-electron 8to4 encoder. And the logic operation of this single-electron XOR-gate is verified using SIMON (Simulation of Nano Structures).


The Single  electron 8 to 4 Encoder

•         The single-electron 8 to 4 Encoder is shown in Fig. 1. The circuit comprises fifteen islands and   twenty seven tunnel junctions J1,twelve  capacitance.

•         The capacitance of each junctions is 1aF and their resistance are shown in the Table 1. 

•         The output taking Junctions are less transparent in order to prevent electron transport from the ground (Vss) to island.

•         The voltage Vdd is constant and its value is 1.39v. The logic operation of the single electron 8 to 4 Encoder  is shown in Fig. 2(a) and (b).

•         The inputs are piece wise constant and apply all possible combinations of logic ‘0’ and ‘1’ to the circuit.

•         Fig. 2(c) show the time variation of charge at the output node

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