Single Electron Tunneling (SET) technology introduces more potential for feature size reduction compared with silicon based CMOS technology. The SET technology offers the ability to control the motion of individual electrons in the designed circuits. Normally the single-electron devices having tunnel junctions, islands and also capacitance. By using this single electron transistors we are going to design the single electron 3-bit Gray code to binary code converterthat is shown in the below diagram. And the logical operation of this circuit is going to verify by using SIMON(Simulation of nano structures).



 Single electron based logic gates have already been constructed with binary decision diagram (BDD) with clock pulses of 1ns each. The technique of tunnelling of an electron is utilized for those gates. This technique may also be used for more complex logical circuit like a case of a binary multipliers and overflow detection. For easily understanding the operation of some of the single electronic gates having different number of inputs have been depicted. Single electron tunnelling devices exploit effects that arise due to the quantized nature of charge. These effects have been observed in systems of small metal structures in semiconductors structures and in structures made from conducting polymers. Because these effects are omnipresent in small structures, they are likely to have an impact on any future nano-scale electronic circuits. These devices are able to use in low power circuits as only a few electron is needed for carrying information (Biswas et al, 2003a). The speed power product of single electronic device is predicted to lie close to the quantum limit set by the Heisenberg’s Uncertainty Principle. The processing speed of such device will be close to the electronic speed.








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