Our system is a GUI based client/server application that will automate the different activities involved in the day to day activities of the Shipping Agency . . An application for completely automating the different activities of the various departments or sections and maintain the status of different processes.

A shipping agency which deals with Thousands of clients needs a system that quickly provide services which could enhance the day to day activities of the business with efficiency and correctness.

A Shipping Agency handle the Export and Import of the cargo . The order comes from the client ,the goods are placed in the ‘shipyard’ before the expected time of ship to place, because then only the Customs persons can inspect it. It will also helpful the shipping agency to plan the vessel. After the vessel decided to for shipment that goods are placed at ‘Dockyard’ and after vessel placed at
‘Berth’, goods will be shipment into vessel. The cargo will be shipped in different methods. Thus the entire application deals with the work of the shipping agency such product management ,transportation ,cargo handler etc.

This is one of the types for goods to send. Here the goods are sent without container type i.e., the goods are sent with the open type. For example sugar and raw oars of metals. Any thing the consigner decided to.

Another type for sending goods. Here the goods will be packed into a container, and the container is sealed at the shipyard in presence of customs officers. Then the container is sent to the client through ship. Different documents are require and prepared according to the import or export of the goods.

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