Shipping Management System


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The Shipping Management System is a web application, that assist in the management of ship maintains in a ship environment. It is maintain employee details, financial details and Ship details. Conceptually, shipping has two types of employee details that are Sailing employee (Crew Employee) and non-Sailing employee (Office Employee). Sailing employees move from a place to another place by means of an internal transport. There can be any number of employees attached to a Ship and move from a place to another place. Which is responsible for sign-on and sign-off from ship. After confirm by employee and management, the employee will go to sign-on mode with expected sign-off date (sign-off date may be extended). While sign-on, the employee should submit metical certificate, bank detail and next of kin detail. At the time travel ticket for sign-on willgiven to them, that expenditure bear by company. That is vise-versa to sign-off also. In ship module, every ship contains equipments. Every equipment contains sub-equipment. Each sub-equipment details will be with manufacture date and expiry Date. Every sub-equipment contains history details. That is last maintained date with last maintained employee name and next maintains date.


  • Responsible for the design and development.
  • Involved in database design using SQL Server 2005.
  • Played diverse roles in developing and implementation of modules.

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