Single Electron Tunneling (SET) technology introduces more potential for feature size reduction compared with well-established silicon-based CMOS technology. The SET technology offers the ability to control the motion of individual electrons in the designed circuits.        

This project is about this Single Electron Transistor (SET) which is replaced in the place of logic gates used in the multiplexer. The complete schematic diagrams and the simulation outputs are done by using the Simon 2.0 simulation software. The observed simulation outputs are accurate as compared with conventional multiplexer outputs


                The multiplexing (also known as muxing) is a process where multiple analog message signals or digital data streams are combined into one signal over a shared medium. The aim is to share an expensive resource. For example, in telecommunications, several phone calls may be transferred using one wire. It originated in telegraphy, and is now widely applied in communications. The multiplexing divides the capacity of the low-level communication channel into several higher-level logical channels, one for each message signal or data stream to be transferred. A reverse process, known as demultiplexing, can extract the original channels on the receiver side. A number of select inputs determine which data source is connected to the output.

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