Service Quality

Automobile Company’s growth and
productivity mainly depends on customer
satisfaction. When the customer gets satisfied
with the sales executives, it creates a loyalty and
reputation with the company. A customer seeks
quality as an important attribute in products and
services. Suppliers recognize that quality can be
an important differentiator between their own
offerings and those of competitors (quality
differentiation is also called the quality gap).
Total Quality Management (TQM) is the key
mantra for the manufacturing industry, but its
benefits have been better realized by intense
customer-oriented service. Since the
organizations depend on their customers,
therefore they should understand current and
future customer needs, should meet customer
requirements and try to exceed the expectations
of customers. To achieve it analysis is made
considering four factors, pre-purchase, during
purchase, after purchase, during and after
service. This paper focus on improving customer
satisfaction of an automobile industry by
enhancing service quality using TQM tools.

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