semiconductor cooling

The cooling effects obtained now use heavy objects or by chemical means(endothermic reaction)..this project uses semiconductor chips technically called as thermoelectric modules or peltier coolers..the inside of the chip contains array of pn junctions..its not easy to manufacture.

No such manufacturers are in india..u can get it either from e-bay or its available in bangalore(may be other cities)...the modules with different power ratings are available.choose ur module for the required cooling effect..maximum power rating available is 200w,also the maximum practical size is 6cmx6cm.this module works on the reverse principle of thermocouple called peltier cooling effect.

When a electric potential is applied between the electrodes one junction produces cooling effect and the other produces hot effect.once the polarity is reversed the hot and cold side exchanges..the first product in india produced using this is a smart cooler that presently has a place in tata safari dicor..research works are going to use this concept in pc,laptops,memory modules,mobile phones also small refrigerators and place where large amount are dissipated from such hardwares.other application include vaccines storage in mobile ambulances,fruits storage,use of flasks can be neglected..the main advantages are no moving parts,dc supply is enough,long life time, no addtional circuits are needed,portable,cheaper when mass produced and not risky too..

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Sat, 23/10/2010 - 15:59