Due to more rigid environmental legislation and increasing environmental concerns of consumers, many organizations are now under a great pressure to undertake major initiatives to transform their supply chain process. Green supply chain management is a concept, by which companies assess their suppliers to improve the environmental performance of their products or production processes of the suppliers.

Globalization has also resulted in pressure on multinational firms to improve environmental performance. Due to the increasing realization of the importance of integrating environmental factors into assessing suppliers’ performance, this study examined the key criteria for green supplier selection.

This selection problem may become more complex when multiple decision makings are involved. The VIKOR method was developed for multi-criteria optimization of such complex systems. In this paper, VIKOR is used as a decision making model to help managers in assessing the relative performance of several suppliers. Finally, an example has been illustrated to highlight the procedural implementation of the proposed model.

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Thu, 14/04/2011 - 19:26