security for home


security for home using mc



this prototype make used of the 20pin At89c2051 microcontroller. This home security system burnt a program inside the microcontroller to perform these following capabilities.


The user is required to enter 5 digit pin to activate or deactivate the door lock security. The “ # ”  serves as an enter key and The backspace by pressing “ * ”  is implemented so that when the user enters a wrong password, this keys can be used to delete the previous entered pin. Windows and doors are monitored by laser beam and magnetic door sensor. If the beam and the magnetic door sensor get interrupted for a possible break-in, hence an alarm will sound and an array of light will blink.


This project is capable of light sensing using Light dependent resistor (LDR) and uses digital input output logic and analog information process. The LDR is attached to a voltage divider circuitry. By using Kirchhoff’s law the voltage obtained and which we can use to measure the level of light. As result the system will automatically trigger the lights on during night and off during day time.

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Thu, 16/06/2011 - 23:20