Home/office security is top priority of all concerned. Today there are plenty of home/office security products to ensure your family’s security completely. Home/office security is the most significant one for every home/office owner either in an individual house or an apartment. For that different security systems are available. Those are smart cards, RFID’s, I-button, password and biometrics etc.
Access control is the ability to permit or deny the use of a particular resource by a particular entity. Access control system can be used in managing physical resources (such as a movie theater, to which only ticket holders should be admitted), logical resources (a bank account, with a limited number of people authorized to make a withdrawal), or digital resources, for these kinds of things.
The main idea of designing digital locking system is to provide many modern security features than mechanical lock; here key pad is used to enter the password. If that password matches to the password that was already stored in flash of the controller then the dc motor is activated and the door will be opened. If it does not matched then the buzzer is activated. Applications are entrance doors, car doors, bank lockers etc.

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