secured self guarded storage technique in multi-cloud architecture

Security challenges are still among the biggest obstacles when considering the adoption of cloud services. This triggered a lot of research activities, resulting in a quantity of proposals targeting the various cloud security threats. Alongside with these security issues, the cloud paradigm comes with a new set of unique features, which open the path toward novel security approaches, techniques, and architectures. It provides a survey on the achievable security merits by making use of multiple distinct clouds simultaneously.In this proposed system we provide security towards the cloud databases from the administrator level. That is if any attack tried to be happen in administrator level like when administrator taking copy of databases somewhere. Some more attacks also like storing data in some unsecured place, sending user transactions to some other service providers etc. Thus here we provide security Self-guarded storage technique for database providers by sending notification for each action made in admin level to the clients storing databases. Only if all the users acceptance is given the admin has authorization to do that particular action. Also provides security for each data transactions using Elliptic curve Cryptography (ECC) algorithm which provides strong security which is very tough to decrypt without its appropriate key.

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Wed, 29/01/2014 - 22:05