Secure streaming to avoid duplication of the files downloaded

People today have started selling audio/ video products online. They don’t want their products to be duplicated. A copy sold and got downloaded can be spread out to any number of persons. This will affect the sales. The streaming concept comes in handy here. Streaming allows people to listen to songs, watch videos online without downloading. This is very helpful in E-Commerce. Online music shop, Online video sites ,News sites, Online Radios and everybody started using streaming concept. It avoids piracy. Usually any video/audio we are watching/playing online will automatically get downloaded in the path “C:\Documents and Settings\user\Local Settings\Temporary Internet Files”. We can directly copy the file from that folder and can save it. therefore we need to avoid duplication of the resources obtained from sites that is stored in the above specified path... plz send us any paper or references regarding this issue of preventing duplication of the received data using streaming

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