Scheduling Sequence

Although many researchers have proposed different
techniques to integrate production scheduling and
preventive maintenance, these techniques have some drawbacks.
For example, some of them are so intricate that one
cannot easily implement them, or some strongly exploit
specific features of the original studied problem that one
cannot apply them to other problems. We hereby propose
two techniques that are easy to understand and code, yet
simplistically adaptable to any other machine-scheduling
problems. This paper investigates job shop scheduling with
sequence-dependent setup times and preventive maintenance
policies. The optimization criterion is to minimize makespan.
Four metaheuristics based on simulated annealing and
genetic algorithms as well as adaptations of two metaheuristics
in the literature are employed to solve the problem. The
performances of the proposed algorithms are evaluated by
comparing their solutions through two benchmarks based on
Taillard’s instances.

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Wed, 13/04/2011 - 09:41