It is a well known fact that productivity is directly related to safe and healthy working
conditions at work place. The Factories Act, 1948 is a comprehensive legislation to create
safe and healthy working conditions in factories. With the fast growth of economy and
increasing number of industrial accidents, the need was felt for further regulation to ensure
safe working conditions in the industries.

The Directorate General of Mines Safety (DGMS), Dhanbad and the Directorate General of Factory Advice, Service & Labour Institutes (DGFASLI) Mumbai, the two field organisations of Ministry of Labour and Employment, strive to achieve the principles enshrined in the Constitution of India in the area of occupational safety and health in mines, factories and ports. DGFASLI is
responsible for the formulation of National Policies on Occupational Safety and Health in
Factories and Docks.


National Safety Council was set up to create a framework for accident prevention through information, education and training on safety related issues. The Bhopal tragedy resulted in enactment of an umbrella Act i.e. Environment (Protection) Act, 1986 to prevent similar accidents. A National Policy on Health, Safety and Environment was formulated to provide clean environment and safe and healthy working conditions at work place.

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