Safety of physical and human assets in an institutional environment is assuming increasing
importance, with the increasing importance, with the increasing concern for safety and security
posing challenges to the institutional administrative mechanisms. Hard Technology and Soft
Training implementation help in improving the effectiveness of the safety measures and
initiatives in the direction of ensuring personnel safety and security.


Safety and Security have taken the centre stage in the institutional administration. In addition to the core activities of the institution related to Academic, research training and consultancy services. The administrators of the institution are increasingly focusing their attention on the safety security and health dimensions. Installation of surveillance cameras, regulating entry into the campus, authentication systems for visitor management, beefing up the security with proper entry and exit points to the academic and residential areas in the campus, providing on campus security services, installing identification systems for the employees and students are some of the systems for security management in institutions.


Safety of physical assets is another major area of focus in the institutional content. Installing
systems for safety of electrical installations, structural integrity of buildings on campus,
establishing norms for fire safety, safety precautions in training laboratories and research
laboratories are some of the measures covered under the safety management module of the
institutional administration. Safety precautions in the use of hazardous chemicals in the
Laboratory environments are to be taken care through proper training and education of the

Laboratory practice through safe modes of operation is an important aspect in institutional administration.Health is the third dimension of focus of the institutional administration provision of on campus health services, to take of emergencies and routine health problems of the campus population is important to build up the confidence of the stake holders. Links with super speciality hospitals, Ambulance services, emergency services are important from the point of view of state of readiness to handle major incidents and events related to health. Health insurance schemes for employees and students is a measure of reassurance of the concern of the institutional administrators.

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